Macachula Beach Lodge is an ideal getaway for self-catering, camping, 4X4 and fishing enthusiasts who enjoy adventure, the outdoors and the sea. We are situated on four hectares on the northern bank of the Pomene Lagoon, 55 km from Massinga, approximately 1,5 hours from Massinga. The sea and endless white beaches are directly in front of the lodge. The mangrove swamps are easily accessible by boat and can be navigated up to 5 km inland at high tide.
Detailed information and directions will be forwarded to all guests. This is particularly useful if you are a first time traveller in Moz or visitor to the Pomene region and describes useful stop over points, shopping tips, detailed directions, shortcut Maputo bypass and what to bring.

Guest Reviews

” Hello there. Left paradise on earth last Saturday and are back in SA and working like slaves. Our stay was absolutely fantastic. Staff looked after us so well. Facilities were fabulous and we had a wonderful time pottering around on the boat having sundowners and snacks. All boxes were ticked and we will definitely be back. Everything of the best for this year and the success of your venture.”

Glynnes Richardson

“We had a wonderful time. Great spot for a relaxing holiday. Not much to do, so your own entertainment is essential. Swimming is of course wonderful, just wear those shoes for any unforeseen little critta’s lurking in the water. Very hot conditions, nights are quite difficult.Martin looked after us and he ensure that we had a daily service and the locals kept bringing bread and fruit for sale. Eric guarded us at night to ensure a safe restful sleep. So a good time was had by all.”

Delene Smith

“The fishing was fantastic. Caught plenty on the jet ski just off the coast. Staff were very helpful and friendly. What an awesome getaway – thanks Martin and your staff. “

Dominic Flashner